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Unic Strongman Automotive Shop Portable Car Lift - For Sale

Sorry, This Lift Has Been Sold.

Please check out our other items for sale at http://www.TakingCareOfBusiness.Com/ForSale

This Strongman portable car lift is truly a great car lift, made by American Unic Company.  I have owned this lift for about ten years, and used it almost every day until I closed my auto shop down last year.  I planned to keep the lift in storage until I was able to build myself a garage onto my home to have it for personal use, however lately I'm not sure if and when my garage will ever happen, so I am now willing to sell this remarkable piece of equipment to someone who will be able to enjoy it. 

The lift works like a snow plow on a truck, 12 volt electric over hydraulics.  You plug the unit into any home 110 volt ac outlet overnight, and its onboard 12 volt battery charger keeps the onboard deep cycle 12 volt battery fully charged.  The unit does not have to be plugged in during operations.  All you do is roll the unit under the side of any vehicle, adjust the rubber contact pads under the car frame or unibody, and lift the vehicle up over your head to service.

The recommended safe working weight capacity for the lift is 5500 pounds, however I have had many pickup trucks safely on this strong lift, as well as a 6 passenger stretch limousine.  The lift does require a flat, smooth and strong concrete surface to roll and operate on.

Tow truck rollback delivery available at the rate of $2.00 per mile one way, post settlement.

Asking Price:  $2,000.00

Terms:  Cash, Cashiers Check, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, or American Express.

Please know that I am not a professional equipment dealer.  Although the lift is known to be in perfect working condition, it is to be sold "as is" without any warranties.

Please know that this lift, brand new, was around $6,000.00.  My "Buy It
Now" price is only $2,000.00, and the reserve price is less than that!

I still have the original owners manual, including some of the lift's

Minimum Height Less Blocks:  5.5 inches
Maximum Lifting Height Less Blocks:  71 inches
Effective Length Lifting Arms:  68.5 inches

Overall Length With Lifting Arms:  99 inches
Overall Width:  48 inches
Approximate Weight:  1420 pounds

Model #:  CM5500
Serial #:  36574
Maximum Capacity:  5500 pounds
Power:  12 Volt DC

The lift was originally purchased through Automotive Service Equipment, 7165 G/H Oakland Mills Road, Columbia, MD 21046, 1-800-338-0732 or 410-995-6663.

The last time I purchased parts for the lift, I went directly to American Unic Corporation, 225 Industrial Court, Fredericksburg, VA 22408, 540-898-1524.  I don't know if they have a web site.

You only need 5.5 inches under the car to roll the lift under, without jacking.  When I would lift a low profile vehicle, I would jack the front of the car up with a shop floor jack, or simply put the car's tires on two or four short 2x6 boards, and then roll the jack under the car.  I was never unable to use the lift on any vehicle in my shop.

My understanding is that this particular lift model is no longer being built, and was originally manufactured in France.  This lift was built so strong, that I can not imagine anything major ever breaking, or going wrong with it, unless you tried to lift a military tank up with it or do something very abusive like that.  Most of the minor working components can be simply replaced with comparable universal parts, like the 12 volt electric motor, hydraulic pump and hoses, battery charger and wires, lift cylinder seals, or the deep cycle battery and electric switches, etc..

Thanks for your interest in this great piece of equipment.

Click on any of the below images to view a larger size photo!

StrongmanLiftManual.jpg (188934 bytes)
StrongmanLiftBasicDrawing.gif (10351 bytes) StrongmanLiftRollingDrawing.gif (9766 bytes) StrongmanLiftSettingPadDrawing.gif (20045 bytes)

Strongman Lift Boom NotI ncluded.gif (15953 bytes)
Boom Adapter Not Included

StrongmanLiftLiftingDrawing.gif (15235 bytes)

StrongmanLiftjackstands.gif (18268 bytes)
Jacks Not Included


* Please Also Check On Ebay.Com For This Item We Have Listed Under Ebay Username "JoeRyanFFEMT"

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