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Vehicles For Sale

Sorry, this vehicle has been sold.
Sorry, This vehicle has been sold on August 16, 2007

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1995 Honda Civic DX Coupe For Sale in Maryland

My wife purchased this vehicle brand-new in 1995 from Griffith Honda in Westminster, Maryland.  This car gets excellent fuel mileage, on the average of 37.6 miles per gallon (mpg) around town, but since we now have three young children, all in car seats, we can't use the car to travel together as a family, so we have upsized to a full size SUV for family travel.  Please let us know if you are interested in buying this car from us, otherwise we are happy to keep it as a 3rd vehicle, as my wife and I both, use the Civic almost every day for commuting to work.  If we sell the car, we will surely use the money for a down payment on another brand-new Honda Civic.  This car has always been reliable, has never broken down, and is well maintained and sound; the engine has never leaked or used a drop of oil.

Honda Factory Airbags (Driver's Side and Front Right Passenger)

1.5 Liter 4 Cylinder SOHC Engine (single overhead camshaft)

Brand-New Timing Belt, Water Pump, Front Cam & Crank Oil Seals, and A/C & Alternator Belts on 1/8/07

Honda Factory AM/FM Stereo Cassette

Honda Factory Air Conditioning - New A/C Compressor on 11/29/03, A/C Works Great!

5 Speed Manual Transmission - New Clutch on 9/21/04 "with 156802 miles on original clutch!"

14 Inch Diameter Aluminum Alloy Honda Wheels

4 New Tires and Current 4 Wheel Computer Wheel Alignment on 12/7/05

Limo Dark Tinted Windows

Rear Honda OEM Factory Spoiler

Honda Factory Rack and Pinion non-Power Steering

All comprehensive maintenance records available !

Non-Smoker Family Car !

197340 Original Owner Miles on August 11, 2007

Asking $2850.00
Sorry, this vehicle has been sold.

Click on any of these digital images
from 7/24/07
to view a larger photo in a new window.


MPG  Stats Around Town

July 2, 2007 Fill-Up - 291 miles on 6.326 gallons fuel
July 8, 2007 Fill-Up - 272 miles on 8.813 gallons fuel
July 15, 2007 Fill-Up - 270 miles on 6.996 gallons fuel

37.6 Miles Per Gallon (MPG) Average


Click on any of these digital images
from 3/29/07
to view a larger photo in a new window.

The 1995 Honda Civic Coupe was featured in the movie
"The Fast And The Furious"
driven by Vin Diesel, as
Dominic Toretto.



Known Issues of Little Concern:
* The car has small rust areas on the rear quarter panel areas, where the panel meets the rear bumper.  Almost any pre 96 Civic I've seen in Maryland's climate has rust in the same exact area.
* The factory radio cassette player display backlight has not worked for the last few years, so at night you would have to turn the interior dome light on to see what radio channel you are listening to.   Since there are 6 preset channel memories, we never felt the need to replace this radio bulb.
* The car has some small hail damage dents on the roof, that don't even show up in the photos.  There is also a small dent on the hood on the left front edge.
* The valves have had a slight tap sound only when cold, for the last few years.  The valve clearance is correct, and the Honda service bulletin indicates a rocker arm kit to repair the cold start tap, however since the car runs so well, and the valve tap goes away as soon as the car warms up a little, we decided not to do the repair.
* The car may need rear brakes, not because there's any current problems or symptoms, but I simply don't have any record or memory of ever replacing them.  I plan to check them out, and replace them if needed.
* The right front tire is showing wear on the inner edge, probably because I have not rotated or balanced the tires lately.  I plan on replacing the worn tire, and rotating all the tires.

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