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Sorry, This Truck Has Been Sold April 17, 2011.
Sorry, this vehicle has been sold.
Please check out our other items for sale at http://www.TakingCareOfBusiness.Com/ForSale

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Often we delete advertisements after running for only one or two days, while the vehicle is still for sale.  If and when the truck does sell, a big sold sign will be posted here, otherwise this Chevy is still for sale !

Sorry, this vehicle has been sold.

1992 Chevy Silverado K1500 Extended Cab 4x4 Truck
4WD Four Wheel Drive
For Sale by Owner

175062 Original Miles

5.7 Liter 8 Cylinder 350 CID V-8 210 Horse Power Gasoline Engine
GM Factory Throttle Body Fuel Injection and Electronic Ignition System
GM Factory ECU Computer Controlled

GM Factory Air Conditioning - New A/C Compressor, Ice Cold A/C Works Great!

5 Speed Manual Transmission with Overdrive - New Clutch

16 Inch Diameter Aluminum Alloy Chevy Wheels with New 245/75 R16 All Season Tires
Full Size Spare Tire

Four Wheel Drive with New Rebuilt Limited Slip Locking Rear Differential (3.73 gears)

Cruise Control, Intermittent Wipers, Tilt Steering Wheel

Power Windows, Power Door Locks

Front and Full Rear Red Cloth Seats Seating 6 Passengers (Clean, Non Smoking, No Pets)

Tinted Windows

Brand-New Stereo (Kenwood KDC-MP438U) with AM/FM Stereo CD-Receiver, Ipod, and USB interface

Brand-New Interior Headliner and Visors

New Rear Brake Shoes, Rear Brake Wheel Cylinders, and Left Rear Parking Brake Cable

Complete Towing Package with factory engine oil cooler, "Valley" class IV 2 inch receiver hitch, gooseneck and 5th wheel "Valley" hitch mount bed rails, electric trailer brake controller, wired with 7 conductor RV trailer plug

New Interstate Battery and Starter

All comprehensive maintenance records available!

I have maintained this vehicle impressively well with good record keeping. The powerful 350 V8 engine runs great and sounds great, currently getting 15.6 miles per gallon around town; The engine has never leaked oil, and has never needed any major repairs. The plush red cloth interior is impressively clean and comfortable, with ice cold air conditioning and a new stereo Tuner CD MP3 Thumbdrive IPOD player. The truck is on the road with a clear title, tags, and insurance, and we still drive the truck several times a week, as our third vehicle, especially when it was snowing.  The four wheel drive works great on snowy or icey roads, however the truck has never been used for off road recreational 4x4 driving or any kind of racing.  I purchased this truck in August of 1997, and I can proudly say that it has really been a great truck to own, but now it could be time to pass it on, to someone that can get some good use and enjoyment from it.  This truck was my first Chevy truck we personally owned, and has definitely made me a "Chevy Man".  We purchased another Chevy, a Suburban, to meet the needs of our growing family of two adults, our three children, plus the third row seat for three more kids.

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taken on May 25, 2010
to view larger photo.



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taken on May 10, 2010 
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taken on July 1, 2009 
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 Sale Price
Asking Price:  only $3,600.00

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Contact Information

Joe & Lauren
We live in Reisterstown, Maryland,
in Baltimore County, just northwest of Baltimore City

Contact Phone Number: 410-429-0004
Please feel free to call any day from 8am until 8pm, Eastern Standard Time.

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Used Valuation Report Date: 6/16/2009 Original
List Price
Vehicle Value (Unadjusted) $19,333 $4,811
Engine, 5.7L 8 Cylinder 210 hp Gas $470
Additional Equipment:
Silverado Trim $100
Sound System, Premium $70
Towing Package $180
Cruise Control $40
Steering Wheel, Tilt $70
Transmission, 4/5 Speed Manual $-320
Compact Disc Player $140
Wheels, Alloy $90
Total Equipment Adjustment $840
Mileage Adjustment (170,000 Miles) $-681
Total Vehicle Value (Adjusted) $4,969

The Estimated Fuel Economy is 13 CITY / 17 HIGHWAY.


1992 Chevy Silverado K1500 4x4 Extended Cab Truck Maintenance Record

5/7/03 - 143206 Miles - Replace A/C air compressor, accumulator, and oriface tube, recharge system with 2 pounds R-12 freon, oil and oil filter change - $1,000.98 parts and labor - Pleasant Hills Sunoco

6/5/03 - 143549 Miles - Replace front 4x4 front axle lock actuator and updated wiring harness kit - $426.60 parts and labor - Pleasant Hills Sunoco

9/10/03 - 144029 Miles - Replace Rear Steel Brake Line - $98.93 - Pro Care Auto

1/8/04 - Replace both rear drive shaft U-Joints - $59.34 - Napa Auto Parts Machine Shop

3/19/04 - Oil and oil filter change, plug repair LR tire - $28.38 - Reisterstown Sunoco

8/21/04 - 151996 Miles - RF Rotor Broke - Front Brake Pads and Rotors- New front brake caliper slide hardware

7/27/05 - 158570 miles - Oil and oil filter change - $27.96 - Pro Care Auto

8/24/05 - Emergency brake pedal assembly replacement - $32.03 - part from Heritage Chevrolet - Integrity Auto Service

9/16/05 - 159642 Miles - Replace clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing - $810.24 - Reisterstown Car Care

9/20/05 - 159642 miles - Replace rear differential ring and pinion gears, replace rear axle seals - $620.40 - Garlands garage

4/26/06 - Replaced exhaust pipe and muffler from the convertor all the way back with 3 inch pipe - $185.25 - Garlands Garage

11/29/05 - 160830 Miles - Replace single engine serpentine drive belt - Integrity Auto Service

12/7/05 - Maryland Vehicle Emissions Inspection Certificate - PASS - $14.00

4/25/06 - 162635 Miles - Oil and oil filter change - $27.56 - Pro Care Auto

4/28/06 - 162647 Miles - Replaced muffler and exhaust tailpipe - $185.25 - Garlands Garage

7/24/06 - 163303 Miles - Left rear brake line replacement - $144.61 - Pro Care Auto

11/22/06 - 163540 Miles - Left rear brake backing plate replaced, rear brake wheel cylinders, rear brake shoes, rear brake spring hardware kits, left rear brake parking brake cable - $302.75 - Integrity Auto Service

1/9/07 - 163858 Miles - Oil, oil filter, air filter change - New snow wiper blades (60-1857 Napa) - Integrity Auto Service

1/23/07 - 163945 Miles - New oil cooler lines, new gaskets for oil filter/cooler assembly - $127.56 - Integrity Auto Service

6/6/07 - 165295 miles - A/C service, evacuate and recharge freon, install tracer dye - $174.35 - Pleasant Hill Service Center

12/12/07 - 167366 Miles - Oil, oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

12/12/07 - 167366 Miles - 2 new tires on rear, 2 good used tires on front - $284.98 - mounted and balanced at Pro Care Auto

2/14/08 - rear brake wheel cylinders replaced after right rear cylinder found leaking again, new rear brake shoes - $89.11 - Integrity Auto Service

9/16/08 - 168695 Miles - Oil, oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

9/22/08 - Brand-New Headliner and Visors - $121.90 - D M A Upholstery

9/26/08 - 168741 Miles - Steering Idler Arm - $59.16 - Integrity Auto Service

10/10/08 - Brand-New Stereo (Kenwood KDC-MP438U) with AM/FM Stereo CD-Receiver, Ipod, and USB interface - $160.00 - Integrity Auto Service

1/5/09 - 169189 Miles - Brand-New battery (Interstate MT-78) and re-manufactured starter ($52.96) - Integrity Auto Service

2/17/09 - 169548 Miles - New coolant temperature sensor for gauge (Napa TS4019) - $22.14 - Integrity Auto Service

5/1/09 - 169856 miles - A/C service, install R134A conversion kit, evacuate and recharge freon, install leak tracer dye - $150.14 - Pleasant Hill Service Center

5/22/09 - 169945 miles - Replace leaking A/C condenser, and A/C compressor high pressure lines from compressor to condenser and compressor to dryer, evacuate system for 40 minutes - $ 227.76 - Integrity Auto Service

5/26/09 - 169951 miles - Recharge A/C (1.75) R134A freon - $27.75 - Pleasant Hill Service Center

6/6/09 - 170067 miles - Replaced muffler - $80.00 - Garlands Garage

9/9/09 - Maryland Vehicle Emissions Inspection Certificate - PASS - $14.00

12/9/09 - 171020 Miles - Oil, oil filter, air filter, and fuel filter change, replace left tag light assembly, replace serpentine engine belt, and both idler pulley assemblies, replace spark plugs - $139.59 - Integrity Auto Service

2/4/10 - 171537 miles - Replaced rear reverse light switch - $16.86 - Integrity Auto Service

2/5/10 - 171854 miles - Replaced headlight switch aftermarket part - $19.02 - Integrity Auto Service

7/12/10 - 172636 miles - Replaced rear reverse light switch again aftermarket part - Replaced right rear axle hydraulic brake line - Integrity Auto Service

9/22/10 - 172913 miles - Replaced left rear upper shock mount - $102.67 - Replaced left tailgate hinge and right and left tailgate cables $54.21 - Replaced rear reverse light switch again with GM part $20.58 - Integrity Auto Service

1/20/11 - 173656 Miles - Oil, oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

VIN: 2GCEK19K2N1241239, Production Date: 5/92

10 Bolt Posi Rear Differential with 3.73 gear ratio

Tire Size: 245 75 R16

Air Filter: 2098 (Napa Gold)

Oil Filter: 1036 (Napa Gold)

Oil drain plug wrench size - 9/16"

Snow Wiper Blades: 60-1857 (Napa)

Click on any of the below August 14, 2010 images to view larger photo.

Click on any of these images
taken on August 14, 2010 
to view larger photo.



Brand-New Kenwood KDC-MP438U CD receiver Specifications

Kenwood's KDC-MP438U CD receiver offers enhanced connections along with MP3, WMA, and AAC file playback, so you get plenty of listening options right out of the box. The front-panel USB input lets you play files from your USB-equipped MP3 player or thumb drive, and you can plug your iPod directly into the USB port too. In addition to the USB connection, the stereo offers a convenient front auxiliary input for your non-USB sources.

If you have children, you've probably wished for two stereos in your car. The KDC-MP438U's dual zone feature grants that request with its ability to play two different music sources at the same time. You can play your kids' iPod over the car's rear speakers, while you and your spouse listen to a CD on the front speakers.

Kenwood's Supreme audio processor enhances the clarity and depth of your music, particularly with MP3 files, tunes from your iPod, or other compressed music. A strong, onboard amp provides plenty of power to drive your speakers, while the 3-band equalizer lets you tweak the highs, mids, and lows to create the perfect sound curve for your car.

If you'd like to expand your system, you can add a Kenwood CD changer or satellite radio. Enjoy hands-free cell phone use in your car with Kenwood's optional Bluetooth adapter. Three sets of preamp outputs make it easier to connect a full setup of external amps and subs.

Note: If you're going to use your iPod with this receiver, be sure to check "Hands-on Research" for specific iPod model compatibility with this receiver or its optional iPod adapter.

Details: General features: CD player with built-in MOSFET amplifier (22 watts RMS/50 peak x 4 channels) plays CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RW discs, including discs loaded with MP3, WMA, and AAC files (will not play Digital Rights-protected music files on disc) detachable face remote control Audio features: dual-zone capability for playing different sources over the front & rear speakers System Q Sound Control (6 EQ curves and a 3-band equalizer) "Supreme" audio processing for better sound from your compressed music files speaker settings that allow you to tailor the sound to the size and type of speakers in your car System E's high- and low-pass filters Expandability: iPod direct control via USB input no adapter necessary, but adding Kenwood's optional connecting cable lets you leave your iPod cable at home compatible with Kenwood's Bluetooth adapter and satellite radio (tuner, service subscription, and antenna required), HD Radio tuner ready inputs: front auxiliary and USB inputs outputs: three sets of preamp outputs compatible with most factory steering wheel audio controls (adapter required)

Features Overview: The Kenwood KDC-MP438U AM/FM CD receiver features a detachable face, front auxiliary and USB input, three pairs of 2.5-volt preamp outputs, CD changer and Satellite radio controls and built-in iPod operation, as well as MP3/WMA/AAC playback. The unit also supports Bluetooth via an optional adapter sold separately. In addition, the CD player comes with an IR wireless remote control. The unit's amplifier is rated at 22 watts x 4 channel RMS and 50 watts x 4 channel peak.

Detachable Face: The unit features a single front loading CD face that detaches from the chassis to deter theft. The CD player comes supplied with a soft black fabric, draw string face case to protect the detachable face when you have it off the chassis.

AAC/MP3/WMA Playback: The KDC-MP438U can play MP3, WMA and AAC files with ID3 tag information recorded on CD-R and CD-RW discs in ISO9660 Level 1/Level 2, Joliet, Romeo and Long file name formats. Each disc should have a maximum of 8 directory levels, 50 folders, and 255 files per folder with a maximum of 512 files and folders. During MP3/WMA/AAC playback, the unit displays any recorded ID3 Tag (Ver.1 or 2) information. The headunit will display up to 30 characters.

Supreme Setting: When MP3, WMA or AAC files encoded at a low bit rate (less than 96 kbps, 44.1k, 48kHz) are played, the Supreme Setting function restores their high frequencies so the sound quality is closer to files encoded at a high bit rate. The processing is optimized for the compression format and the bit rate used. When the Supreme Setting is Off, the unit plays the original sound stored in the audio file.

AUX Input: The KDC-MP438U is equipped with a front panel 3.5mm minijack auxiliary input for connecting external portable audio devices such as an MP3 player or Tape walkman.

Auxiliary Display: The KDC-MP438U allows you to select the source type displayed when using the auxiliary input. You can choose from AUX, DVD, Portable, Game, Video or TV.

Dual Zone: The Dual Zone mode allows you to output the Main source and the Auxiliary input separately for the front and rear channels. You can select whether the auxiliary input will play in the front or the rear.

3-Sets of Preamp Outputs: The KDC-MP438U features front, rear and subwoofer preamp outputs. The Subwoofer preamp output can be turned On or Off and adjusted independently. The front and rear speaker preamp outputs are balance and fade adjustable. The subwoofer preamp output is non-fading. The front, rear and subwoofer preamp outputs are all fixed to the rear chassis of the headunit.

Built-In Amp Setting: If you are using external amplifiers to power all of your vehicle's speakers you can turn the unit's built-in amplifier off to enhance the player's preamp output quality.

Front and Rear High-Pass Filter: The KDC-MP438U features an independent High-Pass Crossover for the front and rear channels. You can adjust the high-pass crossover from through, 80, 100, 120, 150, or 180Hz. The "Through" selection is a full-range setting. This feature is very helpful when you have smaller-type speakers in the front and larger-type speakers installed in the rear of the vehicle.

Low-Pass Filter: The receiver features a built-in Low Pass Filter control for the preamp-output when the Subwoofer Output is "on". You can select from 60, 80, 120Hz or Through. The "Through" setting allows your external amplifier's crossover network to do all the filtering for your subwoofer.

Subwoofer Level: Once you have switched the Subwoofer Output to "on" you can independently control the subwoofer preamp output level from the CD receiver. You select levels between -15 to +15.

Subwoofer Phase: You can adjust the phase of the subwoofer output between 180-degrees (Reverse) or 0-degrees (Normal).

Rotary Volume Control: The CD receiver uses a 7-way rotary volume control that increases and decreases the volume of the stereo from 0 to 35. The rotary knob also controls other audio settings such as Balance, Fader, Bass, Mid, Treble and preset EQ settings.

Speaker Settings: The Speaker Setting function tailors the System Q Sound Control settings according to the type of speakers in your vehicle. You may select a Speaker Setting of "SP Off" (flat), "SP OEM" (for OEM factory speaker systems), "SP 6x9/6" (for systems with 6" and 6"x9" speakers), or "SP 5/4" (for systems with 4" and 5" speakers).

Note: The Speaker Setting affects the bass, midrange, and treble values of the System Q presets. The speaker setting should be selected first.

System Q Sound Control: Six EQ curves are preset into memory, allowing you to recall the best preset EQ curve for different types of music. Each preset has its own level settings for bass (100Hz), midrange (1kHz), and treble (10kHz). The 6 preset curves with their respective bass, mid, and treble levels are as follows:

Rock: Bass +6, Mid +1, Treble +2 Pops: Bass +3, Mid +2, Treble +6 Easy: Bass +6, Mid 0, Treble -2 Top 40: Bass +3, Mid +1, Treble +8 Jazz: Bass +5, Mid +2, Treble +2 Natural (Flat): Bass 0, Mid 0, Treble 0 Note: The above values reflect the System Q settings when the Speaker Setting function is turned off. When the Speaker Settings are selected, the System Q level settings are different.

Bass/Treble/Mid Control: The KDC-MP438U features independent Bass, Treble and Midrange control. You can adjust each one from -8 to +8db. The bass frequency is adjusted at 100 Hz, the treble frequency is adjusted at 10 kHz and the midrange frequency is adjusted at 1 kHz.

Loudness: The Loudness feature compensates for low and high tones during low volume. You can turn this feature either on or off. Only the low tone is compensated for when the tuner is selected as a source.

Source Tone Memory: This feature allows you to store System Q bass, middle and treble tone settings for each source (CD, FM, AM, and Aux).

Volume Offset: The level of each source may be independently adjusted to prevent radical leaps in output volume when switching from one source to another. The available settings range from -8 to 0.

Text/Title Scroll: The KDC-MP438U will display CD text, Audio file text and Satellite radio text. You can turn the scrolling feature "on" to scroll longer titles across the screen.

Last Position Memory: If the unit is shut off or switched to the tuner mode while a CD is playing, the next time CD is selected as the source, playback will resume from the point where it left off.

Off Eject: The KDC-MP438U allows you to eject your disc for 10 minutes after switching off the vehicles engine.

CD Force: When there is a problem with playing a CD with a special format, this setting plays the CD by force. Some CDs still may not play in the CD Force mode.

CR-2 Advanced Tuner: This unit uses Kenwood's CR-2 Advanced tuner for clear radio reception. You can choose one of three tuning modes: Auto 1 (seek tuning), Auto 2 (cycles through and tunes the selected band's preset stations only with each button press), or Manual.

Auto Memory Tuning: Not only does the CD receiver's tuner allow you manually enter your desired presets you can choose to have the unit automatically put stations with good reception in the memory banks automatically; this is a handy feature when traveling. The tuner features 3 FM banks (1, 2, 3) and 1 AM bank. You can store 6 presets for each AM/FM bank giving you a total of 18 FM presets and 6 AM presets.

Clean Reception System Circuit (CRSC): This circuit controls multi-path distortion by reducing stereo separation. As stereo separation is reduced, multi-path has less effect on the radio signal, improving reception in areas with tall buildings and mountains. The CRSC circuit can be turned on or off.

Tel Mute: The KDC-MP438U features a cell-phone mute wire (brown) in its harness that when hooked up to your car's phone system mute wire will automatically mute the receiver's audio signal when a call comes in.

Security Code: You can enter a 4-digit security code which must be used when the unit is removed from the vehicle, or the constant power source is disconnected from the unit. When constant power is restored to the unit, the security code must be entered before the unit becomes operational.

FL Display: The unit features a large 14-segment Fluorescent display that uses a black background and blue characters that are easy to read.

Display Illumination/Clock Display: When the unit is in Standby mode, the face/button illumination is "keyed." In addition, while the unit is in Standby mode, you can turn the clock display on or off. When the Clock Display is turned on and the unit is in Standby mode, the Clock Display is also "keyed." Pressing and holding the source button turns the unit off completely.

Dimmer: The dimmer function will dim this unit's display automatically when the vehicle light switch is turned On when you connect orange/white Illumination wire of this player.

Remote Control: The KDC-MP438U comes with the RC-547 IR wireless remote control with a full numeric keypad. The remote will control Audio, CD, Tuner, Satellite Radio and Dual Zone functions. It is powered by 2 "AA" batteries (supplied). The dimensions of the remote are: L = 5.362", W = 1.962", D = 1.115".

Attenuator: The CD receiver features an Attenuator button on the supplied remote control that turns the volume down very quickly with one touch of the button.

Steering Wheel Remote Compatibility: The KDC-MP438U has a "steering remote control" lead on the back panel. When used with the optional SWI-JACK interface (item number 127SWIJACK), you can retain the use of your steering wheel and/or rear seat radio controls when replacing the factory head unit in select vehicles. The SWI-JACK is compatible with over 95% of the vehicles made from 1986 to the present. Compatible vehicles include many Acura, Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hummer, Infiniti, Isuzu, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Pontiac, Saab, Saturn, Suzuki, Toyota, and Volkswagen vehicles and Harley Davidson motorcycles. Please consult "What Fits My Car" to see if your vehicle is compatible.

External Device Controls USB Port: The Kenwood KDC-MP438U features a front panel 2.0 USB type-A port that is hidden behind a sliding cover. The USB port enables connection and control of a portable USB mass-storage class device. The USB port is compatible with all USB mass storage class devices that support the FAT16 or FAT32 file system. Your USB device should only have a maximum of 8 directory levels, 255 folders, and 255 files per folder with a maximum of 65,025 files and folders. When your USB device is connected to this unit, it can be charged up provided that the KDC-MP438U is powered on.

Note: You cannot connect a USB device via a USB hub or Multi-Card Reader to this unit.

iPod High-Speed Connection: The KDC-MP438U's front-panel USB port also acts as an iPod high-speed direct connection when used with the optional Kenwood USB Direct Connection Cable (113iP101, sold separately) or the USB/iPod cable that came with your iPod. Using either cable allows you to connect, control, and charge the following iPod models with the KDC-MP438U: iPod nano (1st, 2nd, 3rd generation), iPod video (5th generation), iPod classic and iPod touch. You should update your iPod with the latest software version from Apple's website before connecting it to the KDC-MP438U. When your iPod is connected to the KDC-MP438U, the iPod's controls will be disabled and you will need to operate your iPod through the KDC-MP438U's controls.

Note: All other iPod models not mentioned above are not compatible with this unit.

Satellite Radio Ready: There are several options for connecting an optional XM or SIRIUS Satellite Radio receiver to this receiver:

XM Satellite Radio: To receive XM Satellite Radio, you can connect the optional CNP2000UC XM Mini Tuner and the CNP-KEN1 Kenwood adapter cable (package item number 700XMKEN1). SIRIUS Satellite Radio: To receive SIRIUS Satellite Radio, you can connect the optional SIRIUS Universal Vehicle Tuner (607SCC1) and the optional Kenwood Sirius Satellite Radio Interface (113KCASR50). Auxiliary Input: A portable satellite radio receiver, such as the Delphi SkyFi3 or SIRIUS Sportster, can be connected to the head unit via the auxiliary input or a Kenwood Auxiliary Input Adapter, such as the CA-C1AX, CA-C2AX, or KCA-S220A. Note: A subscription is also required to receive satellite radio programming from SIRIUS or XM.

HD Radio Ready: With an optional Kenwood HD Radio tuner (item # 113KTCHR20), you will be able to receive digital AM/FM broadcasts from local stations where available. This new technology will significantly improve audio quality and reception, as well as include information such as artist name and song titles or traffic news, viewable on the receiver's display.

Bluetooth Ready: The unit is also Bluetooth compatible using the optional Kenwood KCA-BT200 Bluetooth adapter. Using this adapter you can make and answer phone calls from the Kenwood headunit. You can even download your Phonebook information from your compatible mobile phone into the headunit. You are able to register up to five compatible Bluetooth cell phones when using the KCA-BT200 adapter. Visit http://www.kenwood.com/bt/information/ for a complete list of compatible Bluetooth enabled phones.

Changer Controls: This unit is directly compatible with Kenwood changers manufactured in 1998 or later. If the changer has an O-N switch, the switch will need to be set to the "N" position. In addition to basic disc navigation features, this unit has the following changer controls: direct disc access (using the remote), direct track access (using the remote), track intro scan, track repeat, disc repeat, disc random, and magazine disc random. When connected to a CD Text capable CD changer or an MD changer, this unit can display disc and track titles for discs encoded with disc and track title information. The text information can be scrolled manually or automatically.

Rear Auxiliary Input "Ready": The unit already features a front panel auxiliary input, but if you need a second auxiliary input, one can be added to the rear of the unit. When used with an optional adapter, this unit can accept a rear input from an auxiliary source. When the CA-C1AUX adapter (item 113CAC1AX) is used, you cannot connect a CD changer to the head unit because the adapter plugs into the DIN changer control connection on the head unit. When the KCA-S220A 2-changer switch (item 113KCAS220) is used, you can connect a CD changer and an auxiliary audio source at the same time. When an auxiliary audio source is connected, you can choose from one of six names for the source: Aux Ext, TV, DVD, Video, Game, or Portable.

Chassis Size Code IEJ
RMS Power Output 22 watts
Peak Output 50 watts
CEA Compliant No
RMS Power Bandwidth 20-20kHz
Preamp Outputs 6-channel
Sub Preamp Outputs Yes
Preamp Voltage 2.5 volts
Display Color Blue
Key Button Color Red/Blue
EQ Bands 3
Sound Shaping Type System Q
Wireless Remote Yes
Wired Remote Optional
Steering Wheel Control Compatible Yes
Security Detachable face
Security code
Flip-Down Face Yes
Parts Warranty 90 Days
Labor Warranty 90 Days
iPod Connection/Control Built-in audio
AUX Input Front and Optional Rear
USB Input Front
Memory Card Slot USB Memory
A/V Inputs No
Bluetooth Compatible Optional
Satellite Radio Ready Both
HD Radio Optional
Navigation No
Changer Control Yes
Tuner Type CR-2
FM Sensitivity 9.3 dBf
FM Presets 18
AM Presets 6
European Tuning Yes
Seek/Scan Seek
Radio Data System No
CD Frequency Response 10-20kHz
CD Signal-to-Noise 108 dB
CD-R Playback Yes
CD-RW Playback Yes
MP3 Playback Yes
WMA Playback Yes
AAC Playback Yes
DVD Playback No

Click on any of the below September 13, 2010 images to view larger photo.

Click on any of these images
taken on September 13, 2010 
to view larger photo.


Know Issues:
* This vehicle does have minor scratches, and small dents/dings, that can be seen in person.
* This vehicle does have rust on the underside of the rear cab corner panels on both sides of the rear extended cab portion, affecting only the outer body panel.  The inner galvanized metal cab interior body framing is solid and the rocker panels under the doors are solid.  These repair panels can easily be purchased and replaced.

1988-98 C/K Pickup Ext. Cab Corner, LH 1988-1998 C/K Pickup Extended Cab, Cab Corner Driver Side Dimensions: 28 1/2"W x 17 1/2"H Price: $36.75 - ■Item # 0852-117
1988-98 C/K Pickup Ext. Cab Corner, RH 1988-1998 C/K Pickup Extended Cab, Cab Corner Passenger Side Dimensions: 28 1/2"W x 17 1/2"H Price: $36.75 - Item # 0852-118

* A crossmember under the truck bed above the muffler hanger mount, and the right rear upper shock mount look rusty, that can be seen in person.  The crossmember and shock mount are thinner metal stamped steel members riveted to the actual truck frame rails, and someday the members can be replaced by drilling out the rivets, and installing  the replacement members with new bolts.  Although fully operational, the spare tire lift mount and crossmember also look rusty.  The rear trailer hitch and frame area around the rear bumper also look rusty, and the receiver trailer hitch needs to be reinforced and/or replaced.  The gooseneck / fifth wheel trailer hitch remains in excellent condition.
* This vehicle does have peeling of the clearcoat on the hood and top of the cab, that can be seen in person.
* This vehicle might need new shocks, simply because they have never been replaced.  Sometimes the truck bounces on a higher speed secondary bumpy road, however on any highway the truck rides very nice and smooth at any speed, and the tires are not wearing out irregularly.
* This vehicle currently needs to have the muffler and tailpipe replaced, however is only slightly louder than normal.
* Recently I had to add some power steering fluid for the first time, and I think it is developing a low pressure power steering pump leak at the pulley shaft seal.

Click on any of the below September 27, 2010 images to view larger photo.

Click on any of these images
taken on September 27, 2010 
to view larger photo.


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2002 Chevy Suburban LT 1998 Chaparral 2335 LE Domain Names For Sale Sold 1998 SunTracker Pontoon Boat Sold 2007 Honda Civic Sold 1997 Honda Odyssey Sold 92 Chevy 4x4 Truck Sold Coachman Trailer Sold 2008 Coachmen Motorhome Sold - Fireplace Sold - Printer Sold - Gore Horse Trailer Sold 95 Honda Civic DX Sold 98 Honda Civic EX Sold 90 Acura Integra GS Sold Shasta Travel Trailer Sold Car Lift Sold 1995 UD Nissan Rollback Diposed Old Farm Equipment Sold Mattress Donated Computer Desk Sold 92 Chevy Truck Wheels Sold Stretch Limo Sold 2-Way Radios Sold 71 Ford Galaxy Sold 83 Firebird Sold 80 Trans-Am Sold 89 Ford Rollback Sold 88 Ford Rollback Sold 87 Hurricane 1000 Sold PathFinder

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