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Vehicles For Sale

1980 Pontiac Turbo Trans-Am Official Pace Car

Sorry, This Vehicle Has Been Sold.
June, 2001.

Please check out our other items for sale at http://www.TakingCareOfBusiness.Com/ForSale

205,995 Highway Miles

This was my brother's first car. He would only consider selling it to someone that could prove they would love the car as much as he does. Currently, the car is on the road, with tags and insurance. If you think you would like to own this car, please call me so you can come see and take a test drive.

Official Pace Car for The 64th Indianapolis 500
"May 25, 1980"

Collector's Special Edition Trans-Am !

2 Door Sedan (White Paint with Original Decals / White Interior)

Loaded with Factory Mirrored T-Tops, Tilt Steering Wheel, Air Conditioning, New Trans-Am Cloth Seating, Power Windows, and Power Locks,  New Carpeting

White Factory Alloy Turbo Wheels with Goodyear Eagle GT+4 Tires

Automatic Transmission, Power Steering, Power Front and Rear Disk Brakes

301 V-8 Turbo-Charged Remanufactured Engine (Runs Great!)

Upgraded Rear Coil Spring Shocks

Upgraded AM / FM Stereo Cassette (Pioneer Supertuner III) with Graphic Display Power Amp / 7 Band Equalizer (Pioneer)

"A Real Pleasure To Drive"

All Maintenance Records Available - Only Asking $4,300

Must Sell - 1st Baby Born February 11, 1998
God Bless Andrew Martin Ryan


Email from car owner, Marty Ryan:
Dear Mr. Mickelson,

Thank you for taking the time to look at in my 1980 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am 64th Indy 500 Official Pace Car - May 25th, 1980.  I am writing to you to inform of another E-mail I received this week about my car from the same ad you noticed.  I responded to the questions asked from the sender with the enclosed information.  I thought you may find interest with the details provided.  To the present day, I have not advertised the sale of my car anywhere else.  I was very surprised to receive another response so soon.  I promised to keep you informed since you took the time to see my car.   My brother is suggesting for me to place an ad in the near future with "Auto Trader".  I'm still debating this issue, but will let you know when to look for this ad.     

My car now has 205,988.6 original miles and was manufactured in 2/80.  I have a folder with most of my receipts for parts and repairs covering the last 12 years.   All of my receipts total to $14,856.41 not including the price to purchase the car initially in 1986.  My brother and I have done most all of the labor on repairs for this car to insure the level of quality.  The $14,856.41 figure often does not include our time and labor cost.  In certain cases, I relied on others for repairs for specialized service when required.  Looking back, I know of a few receipts that I was not able to copy and add to my files.  I feel this car is for someone who will take the time to restore and maintain its value.  In just a few years, my car will become an antique, and I expect it should double in value.  I am currently thinking of selling my car to prepare for delivery of my first child on February 14th.

Here are the answers to your questions:

How many owners?
2 - owners
Indy 500 Raceway to Penn Pontiac in Baltimore - original owner who purchased car new with 2,500 miles for $12,500 in 1980 in Baltimore - then I purchased on 4/25/86.

Ever been hit? if so how much damage?
yes - one minor accident to left front fender.  The damaged was due to a light hit which dented the fender just in front of the wheel well.  The body lines were not affected.  The damage was never repaired.

Any rust/rot now or previous? 
Minor - the car has been kept outdoors with a car cover.  The body has a 1" "oval shaped" surface rust spot in the left rear quarter panel just passed the wheel well.

Was it winter driven? Is there road salt where it has lived?
No - the car was taken off the road for the winter and place up on blocks with a car cover.  The car was started on a weekly basis throughout our 3-4 snow / winter months. They use road salt in Maryland.

What condition is body and decals?
The body is in its' original condition.  The front and rear side air dams have been repainted twice.  The rest of the car shows all of the damage the car has been through.  The car was waxed on a weekly basis for ten straight years - the corners on the body are worn in some places.  The decals are faded and weathered along with the car's paint.  I priced a new eagle for the hood to be $1,200.00 a few years ago.   Driver's door hinges were replaced on 11/14/88.  The driver's door handle was replaced on 5/31/88 and needs to be replaced again.  Rear glass was resealed on 9/19/91.

Condition of undercarriage/frame rails/floors?
Excellent - The only rust on the undercarriage appears on the cross-beam directly underneath the rear bumper cover.  This piece needs to be replaced.

Condition of interior?
Good to Excellent - I replaced the upholstery for the 2 front seats on 9/18/91 requesting for the same exact material to be used.  This company was only able to find one of the two "white color" material.  The carpet and floor mats have been replaced with "after-market" carpet on 10/17/89.  I also had the two inside door handles replaced and repainted the interior parts with white paint.  This paint has recently begun flaking in a few places.  The dash has one crack in the middle on the top.  Center console door was replaced on 11/9/89 from GM.  Speedometer plastic lens was replaced on 3/2/87.  Replaced headlight switch and oil pressure gauge on 6/18/86.

Original drivetrain?
Yes - The 301 - 4.9L Turbo engine has been rebuilt twice.  The first time at 140,000 miles was not a success since the block was not machined properly.  The second at 175,022 miles and completed on 8/28/93.  A new 4b carb. was purchased on 9/18/90 from GM. The Turbocharger has been rebuilt three times - the third time I actually sent to a private shop to complete.  The transmission is the original 350 Turbo Trans from the factory.  The rear is equipped with its original 410 posi - limited slip rear with disc brakes.  I routinely changed my oil at 2,500 miles as well as the transmission fluid with pan gaskets, and the gear oil / gasket with posi additive fluid to maintain the condition of my car.  I always have had access to shop with a lift to complete maintenance as required.  The heater core was replaced on 2/9/88.  Rear leaf springs were replaced on 4/12/88 from GM.  The converter was replaced on 8/16/91 from GM.  Distributor was repaired on 4/15/92 and replaced on 4/11/94 at 183,245 miles.   The radiator was replaced with a new larger one on 8/28/93.  Complete brake job was done on 3/13/94 at 181,911 miles.  Gas tank and fuel pump were replaced on 6/3/95.  Exhaust was replaced on 3/16/94.

Original wheels? Condition?
Yes - White Turbo wheels - one was replaced on 4/24/87 with another one from GM after a minor crack to the outside rim from the minor accident.  I was worried that it was unsafe to drive.

Any extra parts to go with it?
Yes - inside electrical power window switch for both windows, a rear "gear cover" gasket, a set of rubber to fit around both doors, a set of stripes / chrome and rubber to go outside both doors,  a bag of Grommets which fit inside the T-Top sleeves to secure.  The above are just a few parts I can remember from the top of my head.  I could provide more if needed.

Does everything work in it?
Yes - everything but the A/C compressor which I remember locking up around 1994.  On 6/10/88, I replaced the existing condenser on 6/10/88.  The wipers work when they want to which is routine for the 12 years I had the car.  I replaced every part in the wiper system which did not seem to help.  I noticed the right rear brake caliper seemed a little hot the other day.  This could be due to the car sitting for awhile.

What does it have for options over the pace car base list?
Everything is factory except the Pioneer supertuner Three with Amp and Equalizer and noise filter Stereo System.  The four speakers have been added but are in need of replacement.

What does the car need to pass MD State Inspection? (In your opinion)
Rear brake work - the rear brake calipers need to be rebuilt or replaced.  The parking brake is tight but does not hold the car.

Thanks for your interest.  Please take the time to let me know your thoughts with this E-Mail.

Marty Ryan
Car Owner

This digital photo was taken January 6, 2000.

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