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Often we remove For Sale advertisements after running for only one or two days, while the vehicle is actually still for sale.  This allows us to show the vehicle to potential buyers without getting flooded with too many calls or emails.  If and when the vehicle does sell, a big sold sign will be posted here, otherwise this Suburban is still for sale!  If this webpage still says "For Sale by Private Owner", please send an email or call; We would love to hear from sincere interested buyers.

2002 Chevy Suburban LT 4 Wheel Drive 4WD Dark Blue SUV
For Sale by Private Owner


This Vehicle Has Been Sold

May 7, 2018

Thank You For Your Interest.

Please check out our other items for sale at http://www.TakingCareOfBusiness.Com/ForSale

Only 190000 Original Miles


All comprehensive maintenance records available!

Four (4) Continental LX20 Tires
(These tires are great in the snow and super quiet and smooth on the highway)

New Brakes (Front and Rear)

Original Owner's Manual

Leather Interior with Fully Powered "Heated" Front Bucket Seats

2002 Chevrolet Suburban K1500 LT 4WD SUV

This Suburban is owned by a family of five, and has served us incredibly perfect for the past eight years. Our Suburban has never broken down, has never been towed, and this SUV has been absolutely amazing to own and drive. We would like to buy to a newer model, and we love this vehicle so much, that the only thing we want to replace it with, is another Chevy Suburban, Tahoe, or Yukon XL. We live in in Reisterstown, Maryland, Baltimore County, just northwest of Baltimore City. Please let us know if you are interested in buying our Chevy Suburban, and we will arrange a showing, as soon as possible. Our Suburban is registered in Maryland with a clear Maryland title, and with current license tags and insurance. We drive our Suburban almost every day, and we enjoy the big roomy size, plus the crash protection and security for our family.  This vehicle does have life saving air bags, and I am an advocate for light energy saving cars, but there's just nothing like putting all that protecting strong metal around your precious family, that a Chevy Suburban does so well.

5.3 Liter Flex Fuel V-8 Engine Runs Great, Quiet, Smooth, Powerful

This Suburban is clean inside and out, and has never been smoked in !

Our Suburban is always garage kept ! (except when we're driving it)

Automatic Transmission with Overdrive, Cruise Control, Power Steering, Power Door Locks, Power Windows, Factory Air Conditioning.

Built-In Factory AM/FM/CD Player with Factory Bose Sound System

Leather Fully Power Heated Front Bucket Seats (Seats Two People)

Leather Second Row Bench Seat (Seats Three People)

Leather Third Row Removable Bench Seat (Seats Three More People)

Front and Rear Factory Ice Cold Air Conditioning Systems

Front and Rear Factory Heating Systems

Full Size Spare Tire

This Suburban has a General Motors Factory four (4) wheel disc braking system.

This Suburban has eight (8) seat-belted riding positions.

2 inch Receiver Type Trailer Hitch with Installed Prodigy Electronic Trailer Braking Module (Trailer Towing Package)

Maryland State Inspection available upon request.

Left click any of the most recent digital
camera images of our Suburban
to view larger photo.


 Sale Price
Asking Price:  $9,800.00

Contact Information

Joe & Lauren
We live in Reisterstown, Maryland,
in Baltimore County, just northwest of Baltimore City

Contact Phone Number: 410-429-0004
Please feel free to call any day from 8am until 8pm, Eastern Standard Time.

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* Be sure to include the word " Suburban " in your email subject line, to make sure your email doesn't go into the SPAM folder.

2002 Chevy Suburban K1500 LT Maintenance Record

VIN: 1GNFK16Z42J209620 - Production Date: 01/02 - Tire Size: P265/70R16

4/26/06 - 49227 Miles - Oil and oil filter change - Pro Care Auto

9/27/06 - 53067 Miles - Oil and oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

1/9/07 - 56324 Miles - Oil, oil filter, and air filter change - Integrity Auto Service

5/25/07 - 60040 Miles - Oil, and oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

9/7/07 - 63119 Miles - Oil, and oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

11/27/07 - 66268 Miles - Oil, and oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

12/21/07 - 67265 Miles - New MT-78 Interstate Battery - Integrity Auto Service

4/2/08 - 70096 Miles - Oil, and oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

9/15/08 - 74423 Miles - Oil, and oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

3/25/09 - 78194 Miles - Oil, and oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

7/3/09 - 81321 Miles - Oil, oil filter, and air filter change, LF headlight (9006) RF amber turn signal bulb - Integrity Auto Service

11/21/09 - 85296 Miles - 4 New Tires Michelin Latitude Tour 111T P265/70R16 - $885.84 - Pro Care Auto

12/9/09 - 85728 Miles - Oil, oil filter, and fuel filter change, Replace intake manifold gasket (GM part # 89060413 - $81.86) and change antifreeze - Integrity Auto Service

4/9/10 - 89102 Miles - Oil, and oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

7/23/10 - 92308 Miles - Oil, and oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

10/26/10 - 96152 Miles - New Interstate Battery under full warranty MT-78 - Replaced both front and rear washer pumps - Integrity Auto Service

11/11/10 - 96457 Miles - Oil, and oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

4/3/11 - 100022 Miles - Oil, and oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

7/27/11 - 103362 Miles - Oil, and oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

12/1/11 - 107204 Miles - Oil, and oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

4/2/12 - 110190 Miles - Replace rear brake pads and brake pad hardware, Clean rear parking brake assembly - Integrity Auto Service

6/2/12 - 111938 Miles - Oil, and oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

6/6/12 - Maryland Vehicle Emissions Inspection - Passed Test

9/14/12 - 114989 Miles - Oil, and oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

1/11/13 - 118448 Miles - Oil, and oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

4/25/13 - 121266 Miles - Oil, and oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

6/4/13 - 122803 Miles - Replaced RF daytime running light bulb - Replaced LF side turn signal bulb - Integrity Auto Service

8/16/13 - 125245 Miles - Oil, and oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service - Replaced RF front turn signal bulb (3157A)

9/8/13 - 126139 Miles - Replace rear brake pads and new left and right rear brake rotors, Clean and adjust rear parking brake - Integrity Auto Service

10/16/13 - 127651 Miles - Four (4) Brand New Continental LX20 265/70R16 Tires and new tire valve stems - Pro Care Auto - $763.60

10/21/13 - 128213 Miles - Oil, and oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

4/3/14 - 133708 Miles - Replace front brake pads and new left and right front brake rotors, Replace rear brake pads and new right rear brake rotor, Oil, oil filter, and air filter change - Integrity Auto Service

6/10/14 - 135595 Miles - Maryland Vehicle Emissions Inspection - Passed Test

6/23/14 - 135938 miles - auto transmission fluid and filter change - front differential fluid change - rear differential fluid change - transfer case fluid change - 8 new AC Delco (41-110) Iridium spark plugs - fuel filter change

8/5/14 - 139099 Miles - Oil, and oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

11/5/14 - 143146 Miles - Oil, and oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

1/5/15 - 145025 Miles - New Interstate Battery under partial warranty MT-78 - Integrity Auto Service

4/7/15 - 148492 Miles - Oil, and oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

6/8/15 - 150688 Miles - A/C compressor belt, new tensioner and pulley assembly - Integrity Auto Service

6/30/15 - 151292 Miles - Replace rear OEM brake pads with Premium brake pads - Integrity Auto Service

6/30/15 - 151314 Miles - Oil and oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

10/17/15 - 156502 Miles - Oil and oil filter change - Replace RF running light lamp socket and 4114LL bulb - Integrity Auto Service

1/12/16 - 160120 Miles - Oil and oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

4/25/16 - 163316 Miles - Oil and oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

5/10/16 - 163791 Miles - Napa # E3560M fuel pump and fuel gauge sending unit - Integrity Auto Service

5/16/16 - 163929 Miles - Maryland Vehicle Emissions Inspection - Passed Test - New hatchback struts - Integrity Auto Service

6/20/16 - 165745 Miles - Replace emergency parking brake shoes with new hardware - Replace LR and RR disk brake backing plates - Integrity Auto Service

7/27/16 - 168177 Miles - Oil and oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

11/8/16 - 173553 Miles - Oil and oil filter change - Integrity Auto Service

12/27/16 - 175144 Miles - Replace alternator - Integrity Auto Service

Click on any of the below digital camera images of our Suburban to view larger photo.


2002 Chevy Suburban K1500 LT Specs

Miscellaneous Instructions

VIN: 1GNFK16Z42J209620 - Production Date: 01/02 - Tire Size: P265/70R16

Oil Filter: #25014748 (AC) $5.71 List - #1042 (Napa Gold) $12.98 List Oil Drain Plug: 15mm wrench (Has built-in rubber gasket) Air Filter: #2487 (Napa Gold) Fuel Filter: #3623 (Napa Gold) Engine Oil: 6 Quarts 5W-30 recommended

Rear Differential: 75W-90 Full Synthetic “Valvoline SynPower” (just under 3 quarts?) GT4 Axle Rear (Dup of 5X1) 3.73 ratio: 2 3/4 Quarts? - 9 1/2" ring gear? G80 Axle Positraction, Limited Slip SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Axle Lubricant (GM Part No. 12378261) or equivalent meeting GM Specification 9986115

Front Differential: 80W-90 Regular Gear Oil: 1.75 quarts? SAE 80W-90 Axle Lubricant (GM Part No. 1052271 or equivalent).

Transfer Case: Auto Trak II Fluid (Blue - Expensive) (New Venture 263 transfer case uses 2 quarts Autotrak II Transfer Case Fluid ?) AC Delco Part Number: AC 104017 - $8.10 /quart

Antifreeze: DexCool (Orange) (With front and rear A/C 15.8 quarts) 50/50 mixture of clean, drinkable water and use only GM Goodwrench DEX-COOL or Havoline DEX-COOL Coolant.

Brake Fluid: Dot 3 4 speed 4L60E electronic auto transmission (with deep oil pan) ATF: Dextron III Fuel Tank: 31.0 Gallons Cold Tire Pressure: 35 psi (front and rear)

Air Conditioning Refrigerant System - 3.0 lbs (1.36 kg) - Refrigerant Oil, R134a Systems

Spark Plugs: NGK PZTR-5A15 or Equivalent - Spark Plug Gap: 0.060 Inch - Firing Order: 1-8-7-2-6-5-4-3

How to Reset the CHANGE ENGINE OIL Message

The GM Oil Life System calculates when to change your engine oil and filter based on vehicle use. Anytime your oil is changed, reset the system so it can calculate when the next oil change is required. If a situation occurs where you change your oil prior to a CHANGE ENGINE OIL message being turned on, reset the system.

To reset the CHANGE ENGINE OIL message do the following:

1. Turn the ignition key to RUN with the engine off.

2. Fully press and release the accelerator pedal three times within five seconds.

If the CHANGE ENGINE OIL message flashes for five seconds, the system is reset.

Setting the Clock for Systems with HR and MN Buttons

Press and hold HR until the correct hour appears on the display. Press and hold MN until the correct minute appears on the display. To display the clock with the ignition off, press RECALL or HR/MN and the time will be displayed for a few seconds. There is an initial two-second delay before the clock goes into the time-set mode.


Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) uses NADA clean retail value for sales tax calculation,
and our vehicle value is listed at $9700.



2002 Chevy Suburban K1500 LT Specs

Standard Equipment

Engine Specifications
Type: Gas V8
Size: 5.3L/325
Horsepower: 285 @ 5200 RPM
Torque: 325 @ 4000 RPM
Max Payload: 2600

MPG (Miles Per Gallon)
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating Cap (lbs): 7200
EPA Fuel Economy Est - City (MPG): 13
EPA Fuel Economy Est - Hwy (MPG): 17
Fuel Tank Capacity, Approx (gal): 31.0

Drive Train
Drive Train: 4-Wheel Drive
Transmission: 4 speed Automatic w/OD

Exterior Specifications
Turning Diameter - Curb to Curb (ft): 42.3
Turning Diameter - Wall to Wall (ft): 46.0
Wheelbase (in): 130.0
Length, Overall w/rear bumper (in): 219.3
Width, Max w/o mirrors (in): 78.8
Height, Overall (in): 75.4
Overhang, Front (in): 37.0
Overhang, Rear w/bumper (in): 52.3
Ground to Top of Load Floor (in): 31.0
Ground Clearance, Front (in): 9.8
Ground Clearance, Rear (in): 8.4

Doors: 4
Fog Lamps
Luggage Rack/Roof Rack
Rear Window Defogger
Running Boards/Side Steps
Tow Hooks
Windows-Deep Tinted

Front Tire Size: P265/70R16
Rear Tire Size: P265/70R16
Spare Tire Size: P265/70R16

Front Wheel Material: Aluminum
Rear Wheel Material: Aluminum

Interior Specifications
Passenger Capacity: 8
Front Head Room (in): 40.7
Front Leg Room (in): 41.3
Front Shoulder Room (in): 65.2
Front Hip Room (in): 61.4
Second Head Room (in): 39.0
Second Leg Room (in): 39.1
Second Shoulder Room (in): 65.1
Second Hip Room (in): 61.6
Third Head Room (in): 38.6
Third Leg Room (in): 36.1
Third Shoulder Room (in): 64.8
Third Hip Room (in): 49.2

Floor Mats
Power Outlet
Seat-3rd Row

Air Bag-Frontal-Driver
Air Bag-Frontal-Passenger
Air Bag-Side Body-Front
Brakes-Type-4 Wheel DISC
Daytime Running Lights
Engine Immobilizer
Security System

Weight Information
Curb Weight (lbs): 4578

Comfort & Convenience
Air Conditioning-Auto Climate Control
Air Conditioning-Front
Air Conditioning-Rear
Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror
Cruise Control
Keyless Entry
Max Seating Capacity: 8
Mirrors-Vanity-Driver Illumination
Mirrors-Vanity-Passenger Illumination
Power Locks
Reading Lamps-Front
Reading Lamps-Rear
Seat Trim-Leather
Seat(s)-Heated Front
Seat-Adjustable Lumbar-Driver
Seat-Adjustable Lumbar-Passenger
Seat-Power Driver
Seat-Power Passenger
Seats-Front Bucket
Steering Wheel-Adjustable
Steering Wheel-Leather
Universal Garage Door Opener
Music & Entertainment
Audio-AM/FM Stereo
Audio-Cassette Player
Audio-CD Player
Audio-Rear Seat Audio Controls
Audio-Upgrade Sound System



Actual Fuel Mileage Data Study

Filled up with 25.458 gallons. (123671 miles)
Filled up with 25.560 gallons. (124010 miles)
Filled up with 23.532 gallons. (124348 miles)

677 miles driven around town using 49.092 gallons is 13.9 miles per gallon (city driving)

For more pictures of our Suburban throughout the years, please feel free to reference our publicly shared google pictures folder with over 100 more pictures at https://goo.gl/photos/uJff1YYp9Lb3YNst6


2002 Chevy Suburban LT - For Sale by Owner in Baltimore, Maryland


Please click on this slideshow to view a slideshow of the many pictures of our Suburban


Trailer Towing Specifications

Our Suburban has RPO codes GT4 for AXLE REAR, 3.73 RATIO, and G80 for AXLE POSITRACTION, LIMITED SLIP. The owners manual states that the maximum trailer towing weight capacity is 7,500 pounds, with a gross combined vehicle weight of 13,000 pounds. The tongue weight maximum is 1,200 pounds. The Suburban curb weight is 5,123 pounds.

Our Suburban is already set up with a Prodigy electronic trailer brake controller and two inch receiver hitch, to tow a travel trailer very easily.

We used to own a 25 foot long, tandem axle, Coachmen travel trailer, and the Suburban towed it very easily, like there was nothing being towed behind us. Our actual trailer weight was only around 4,035 pounds empty with a possible gross trailer weight of 5,860 pounds, so it might have been around 5000 pounds after we filled the fresh water tank and loaded all of our luggage, food, bikes, and vacation supplies.


Known Issues:
The ABS light and brake light on the instrument panel have been coming on at the same time intermittently for about five years, and was diagnosed with the computer error codes indicating a faulty ABS electronic module (anti-lock braking).  Despite this issue, the brakes have always worked great, and still always work great, and the ABS light only comes on sometimes and always after driving for a while; To keep our asking price down, we have decided not to repair this issue at this time.  I have also contacted a Maryland State Inspection Station, and verified that this item will not need to be replaced to pass Maryland State Inspection.  We lowered our asking price to keep our price down with the knowledge of this flaw, but would be willing to negotiate a different price based on the wanted repair of this issue.  It's possible that you wouldn't even see or experience this issue on a test drive, but we wanted to be honest about everything.

Years ago, the driver's side mirror was replaced with a mirror that is not completely identical.  The replacement GM mirror was over $500, so we decided on plain black aftermarket model without the heated mirror feature.  The mirror folds in and out like the factory model, and the power up, down, in and out work exactly the same as the factory model.  If I didn't mention it, you probably would not have noticed the difference.

The rear hatch back tailgate assembly opens upward great as a complete unit, however you are also supposed to open the upper glass only portion also, and I have never been able to figure out how to do that.  It's possible there could be an issue with the latch staying locked, however as long as we can open up the hatchback, we had no need to open the glass only, so we weren't concerned about it.  Also the rear hatch struts that hold the rear door open, need to be replaced.

The OnStar satellite antenna mast appears to be missing off of the roof mount, but we never had any interest in using this paid subscription service.  If you wanted to take advantage of the Built-in Chevy OnStar system, a replacement antennae mast could easily be purchased for a few dollars and screwed on in a few seconds.

At night time, you can notice that the radio channel selection preset buttons for 3 and 6 preselects are not lit up.  Everything works fine but there may be a bulb that needs replacement.

I realize that some of these items are very nominal, and hardly worth mentioning, however as an honest seller, I just wanted to mention everything that I can think of.  We originally had our Suburban listed at $12,500, but we decided not to perform these elected improvements, and reduced our posted price, leaving these optional upgrades up to the new owner.

Our Suburban is a Movie Star !  Check out these video clips featuring our Suburban






Our Suburban was recently featured in a Investigation Discovery Channel Special Show called Deadly Demands Kidnapped.

The recreated true story was about a girl that was kidnapped in Nebraska (They put Nebraska tags on our Suburban) and she survived to tell her story.

I hope you enjoy the video clips.


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